2021 Color Trends and Predictions

February 1, 2021

Although commercial interior design is made up of many facets, the importance of color never comes as a surprise. Science says that color influences us on a subconscious level, from the moods we experience to the desires we crave.  When it comes to the power of color, we are believers. So, join us as we discuss the trends from 2020 and forecast predictions for 2021.

Through our vast collection of quality products, we are able to give color the platform it deserves. The Trinity Tile team is constantly searching and uncovering beautiful, efficient products from all over the world. Color plays a crucial role in how, why, and when certain products are selected. After all, timing is everything.

“The quality of the role that color plays will always be more important than the quantity of colors that are utilized.” -Trinity Tile

As you’ll see, the near 180 flip from last year’s projection to this year’s prediction is surely due to what the world has endured over the last 365 days. Similar to science, color is an unbiased vehicle that can take us from where we currently are to where we all want to be. The beauty of this kind of science is that it can be transformed into free-flowing creativity, merging two worlds and yielding endless possibilities. 

The Trinity Tile team is seeing the turn in taste firsthand. “We are seeing a big increase in requests for products that are warmer in color,” said team member, Brittany Belote. “I personally think the pantone color of the year is a little intense for interiors. However I do love the message behind it as yellow is known for expressing positivity and happiness which we all need more of right now.”

Let’s talk about color and its connection to commercial interior design in the coming year.

Pantone picks

Each year, Pantone selects a “Color of the Year,” which ultimately drives the design world forward. For more than 20 years, this process has helped evolve the industries of interior design, fashion, and even product packaging. This year Pantone crowned two colors, from opposite ends of the spectrum: Ultimate Gray (17-5104)  and Illuminating (13-0647).

Remnants of 2020

The Pantone pick of 2020 was unknowingly spot on: Classic Blue (19-4052). Described as “enduring,” Classic Blue was chosen because of its connectivity and confidence to push the world into a new era. We certainly saw Classic Blue wear many hats throughout 2020. But, there probably would have been even more visibility if the world was up and running, business as usual. Honest, relaxed, and simple – these are all words used to describe the color pick for 2020. As fitting as the color was, it also set the stage for what was yet to come. This opened the door for something brighter and more promising.

Predictions for 2021 

The deepness of Ultimate Gray suggests a need to stay grounded, calm, and focused while the brightness of Illuminating yellow offers hope and resilience. Perhaps there has never been a more relevant time to have co-colors of the year. Considering the depth gray can help to perfectly offset yellow hues. As humanity embarks on a new horizon, the need for balance is pertinent. This translates to commercial interior design as well.

“Fashion and Design are very cyclical in styles and trends so everything comes and goes and comes back. Fashion is heavy on 90’s styles right now with a lot of color and pattern,” Belote noted. “We are seeing the same trends in interior design with a lot of color and texture being added into projects.”

It is an inevitable promise that every commercial interior designer will take note of this forecast and amplify its ability to create brighter and better days.

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