American Made Floor and Wall Tile 

September 6, 2021


There are plenty of reasons to consider buying American-made products, from investing in the United States’ economy to ensuring ethical working conditions. That’s not to mention the ripple effect that supports  job stability, sustainability efforts, and quality safety guidelines. 

With all of that in mind, we are excited to share a brand new porcelain tile product with you. It’s made in the USA and offers floor tile and wall tile! That’s right. This collection is a one-stop-shop for porcelain perfection, from the floors to the walls. 

It’s no secret that porcelain tile is an industry leader when it comes to performance and durability. Among the top products available, porcelain promises as much charm as it does longevity. Here are some reasons why:

  1. It’s sturdy against water, high traffic, scratches, and scuffs.
  2. Easy to maintain, porcelain tile is among the simplest to keep up with.
  3. The color runs all the way through the tile, making it resistant to fading.
  4. Styles are endless, so finding a match is a guarantee.

Porcelain tile wears many hats as it can mimic natural stone, marble, or even wood! This new line of modern, clean looks is perfect for hospitality, corporate, and other high traffic projects.

Let’s look closer at the options this line has to offer.

Floor tile

This porcelain floor tile collection of urban-inspired looks includes raw textures and colors for everyday spaces. As style evolves, interior designers need a product they can rely on for timelessness but while also ensuring a modern edge. 

Wall tile

With this line of porcelain wall tile, creating an environment that feels cozy yet inspiring is just an order away. Truly, few products can even compare. 

Guaranteed success

Not only does this product possess all of the quality assurance of porcelain design, its range of flexibility is also impressive. With 21 color choices, four finishes, and six sizes there are ample ways to maximize the effect of this beautiful, porcelain floor and wall tile. 

Since we are solely committed to your satisfaction, we highly recommend chatting with a certified professional before making any final decisions. 

You can get in touch with us on social media, through a contact form, OR just give us a call: 866-774-3390.