Antimicrobial Tile is Safe, Sanitary, and Stylish

April 22, 2020

The overall safety of a product has never been more important. There are many elements of what makes a tile product safe, from resisting moisture to slowing the spread of germs. Antimicrobial flooring products are no longer luxuries in the surface design industry, they are essential. Antimicrobial tile proves its worth by helping to not just slow the spread of bacteria and fungi but by nearly eliminating germs altogether. 

As purveyors of quality products, the tile we recommend utilizes Microban Technology, which kills up to 99.9 percent of bacteria on the surface it is a part of. This particular line of tile has the technology built directly into the ceramic material it is made of, creating a shield of unmatched protection.

This antimicrobial tile collection is a high-performing line of floor and wall tiles. Using renowned research with our industry-leading manufacturing partners, we have found this product to be among some of the safest in the world. It is also among the most versatile of antimicrobial surface solutions, safely supplementing most projects.

Next, we want to talk more in depth about this product that we are so passionate about. 

Why is antimicrobial tile vital?

One doesn’t have to be a “germaphobe” to know how crucial a sanitary surface solution is. As the world evolves and as its population increases, more strands and forms of bacteria are sure to come with it. Minimizing the spread and harboring of harmful organisms is the focus of this product. Antimicrobial tile isn’t something we just suggest to interior design professionals, it is something we recommend as an imperative addition.   

How does the Microban Technology work?

To help in understanding the power of this product, we are going to break down how the protective technology works. 

What kind of styles are available?

We don’t go into any sort of innovation without keeping in mind functionality and style. That said, the amount of designs in this antimicrobial line of tile is impressive, to say the least. To describe it best, this tile collection brings the beauty of raw materials and superior craftsmanship together. 

Reach out if you have more questions about creating safer surface solutions that are both sanitary and stylish. Feel free to connect with us now.