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Basic Tile: The Underrated Product of the Century

August 28, 2019

As far as interior design is concerned, making an impression doesn’t always require something bold or fancy. Sometimes, making an impression is as simple as finding a perfectly basic fit for the job. In this instance, we’re talking about basic tile. At times, paying less attention to “the finer things” paves the way for maximized interior design success. 

Sure, when the time is right, we love a good fancy tile that can add to a project. We would never deter interior designers from seeking that kind of product. However, we do want to highlight the fact that there are basic tile options that are often underrated or overlooked. And, by starting to pay attention to those underrated products, designers might very well find a new go-to that yields success after success, over time. 

It’s a well known fact that the tile selected for a project can make or break a space. During a build or renovation, many elements must be chosen. From furniture and lighting to faucets and drains, the details individually make up the interior design project as a whole. With that in mind, the more knowledge (and product options) an interior designer has, the more likely they’ll be to meet the expectations of a given project.

So, how can basic tile best suit high-end design projects? Let’s explore the many ways.

Thoughtful wall tile = luxury

Being thoughtful about wall tile can lead to innovation throughout a project. Combining multiple basic tiles to create a more bold effect is favored among some interior designers. On the other hand, others prefer to keep it simple, using minimal variations. Wall tile products like this help anchor a space and make room for more dynamic decisions as the design takes shape. Bathrooms, kitchens, and backsplashes aren’t the only spaces that can benefit from thoughtful wall tile. Selecting an accent wall for wall tile in a common area, office, or bedroom can also be a successful choice.   

Glass mosaic tile adds artistic flair

Although we could have clumped this simple tile in with the other wall tile products, we felt like its colorful nature warranted some separation. With two finish options and 14 color options, bathroom and kitchen designers can create an elegance that is rooted in simplicity.  

Outdoor tile yields comforts of home

For us, these visuals say a million things that our words can’t. This tile product adds a sense of  sincere luxury to a surprising space: outdoor areas. Typically, when people think about “the great outdoors,” the last word they’d use to describe it is probably “luxurious.” But, basic tile strikes again! Adding simple tile like this can completely transform an outdoor area.

Minimalism calls for contemporary options

The style of minimalism is not a new idea, but it is picking up steam from the coming generation of buyers, builders, and designers. Inspired by European art, minimalistic style is spreading to nearly every industry, including cars and electronics. For interior design, minimalistic tile like this product can be used for flooring or wall installations.