Boost Commercial Design with Picket Shape

September 1, 2021

Whether it’s a pop of color or an eye-catching pattern, bold tile is highly sought after and respected in the world of commercial interior design. In cases of great innovation, creators build something new while leveraging the power of tiles from the past. That’s where picket shape tile comes in. Picket shape tile is a fresh take on a timeless classic with one goal in mind: make a statement.

Bold tile selections can benefit spaces in a variety of ways. It can add a hint of luxury or it can accent a space with a sophisticated buzz. Picket tile can be utilized in practically any commercial design situation. And, it is a serious competitor when it comes to quality and durability. 

The picket shape tile we recommend is a ceramic product with personality for days. As always, we’re here to mitigate the noise and keep commercial design professionals on the right track. This particular ceramic wall tile is an exclusive collection that we are so happy to offer to our collaborators. 

Let’s get to know the product a bit more. 

Bold and beautiful

Sometimes, commercial interior designers can fall into trends or habits. Opting for picket tile will undoubtedly rejuvenate the creative process. It can help a designer spice up a seemingly stale project but it can also become a staple in a designer’s toolbox. Utilize it for a single space or make it a new go-to. 

Bathrooms and beyond

One of the most popular uses for this line of picket tile is bathrooms. Inspired by statement spaces, this ceramic collection works well as a backsplash  or accent wall. Although the bathroom is a popular choice, we don’t want to sell this tile short. It is a stunning product that can refine any space that it’s used in.

Colors to boot

With 14 colors to choose from in this seamlessly modern picket shape collection, there’s truly a match for every project. There are pastels, deep tones, neutrals, and vibrant options to consider. Just take your pick (pun intended)!

Let’s talk today about how we can help you utilize picket tile!