Tile That Puts a ‘Spring’ in Your Step

May 12, 2020


Natural materials like stone and wood may be beautiful, but they are also more porous than porcelain or ceramic flooring options. There was a time when it wasn’t possible to have the look of precious stone without the worry of it being damaged. The good news is, those days are long gone! Now, there are porcelain and ceramic tile products that offer the beauty of precious stone, but with much more resistance to wear, tear, and stains.

Staying in line with the Trinity Tile quality standard, we are excited to share two products that bring back the look of precious stone (without the worry of damage). One of the products is a thru rectified color porcelain tile that can be used on walls and floors. The other is a ceramic tile, made specifically to be used as a luxurious wall covering. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of these products and break down what they offer. 

Stone look porcelain tile

Style influence for this product comes from the outer bands that surround onyx stone. Look closely at onyx and you’ll see that the colors in the bands range from black to nearly every known color. Pretty neat, huh? What’s more is that the style has been applied to this porcelain tile, making it a highly sought after option for high-end projects. 

Originally crafted in Italy, this product is available in a variety of styles. It is offered in five colors, four finishes, and three sizes. There is also a deco option to consider. 






Unique ceramic wall tile

As wall coverings become more and more popular, the demand for options is skyrocketing. This product is fit for spaces that seek a modern edge with classic appeal. It is a ceramic tile that was made to be used solely for wall surfaces. 

This is a simpler surface solution that is offered in the finest finishes, colors, and deco options. Overall, this product can be customized by choosing from three colors and two sizes. The sole finish for this ceramic wall tile is glossy, which is sure to fuel a modern aesthetic.

As a preferred tile partner to big brands around the globe, Trinity Tile is dedicated to the quality of real craftsmanship as well as tracking the ever changing tides of the industry. We stay locked in to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of innovation, cultivating our love for design and great progress. 

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