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June 28, 2021

Customize Outdoor Spaces with Tile

As the dust settles from the last 18 months, one thing is clear for our industry: there has never been a bigger demand for outdoor living spaces. Gathering and travel adjustments drove people to consider outdoor spaces to be just as valuable as indoor ones. Some experts predict that this focus on outdoor areas may... Read More »

May 12, 2021

Interior Design Inspiration for Urban Living

Populations are growing and there’s no slowing down in sight. The World Bank estimates that the total urban population will double within the next 30 years. Although growth brings innovation and new technology to the forefront, there are some other progressions to consider. Housing, especially in the multi-family sector, will see a massive increase as... Read More »

April 21, 2021

Marble Look Tile, Endless Design Possibilities

Although the use of marble goes way back, its trendiness as a mainstream go-to is still fairly fresh. From graphic design and fashion to interior design and marketing, it is clear that the popularity of marble won’t be short lived. Because of its longstanding association with luxury, marble look promises to become a long-term staple... Read More »

April 21, 2021

Top 10 Domestic Flooring Products

In a nutshell, the term “domestic flooring” means the product comes from a U.S. manufacturer. On the flip side, the term “international flooring” means the product is shipped from somewhere outside of the U.S. Over the past year, businesses the world over have faced some hefty obstacles with shipping issues. The strain touches every part... Read More »

March 12, 2021

Introducing a Budget Friendly Terrazzo

  We’ve always worn our love for terrazzo flooring on our sleeves. Timeless style is just one of the many reasons we recommend it to commercial interior designers. Its durability and functionality are other top contenders for terrazzo’s best quality. That’s not to mention the 300+ percent increase in Internet searches for “terrazzo” that speaks... Read More »

February 25, 2021

Commercial Wall Tile Guide

Navigating the world of commercial wall tile is no simple task. On a daily basis, there are thousands of products being served to interior designers from multiple directions. How does one successfully sort through the noise? How can a commercial interior designer be confident that their decisions are as effective as their intended efforts? It’s... Read More »

February 1, 2021

2021 Color Trends and Predictions

Although commercial interior design is made up of many facets, the importance of color never comes as a surprise. Science says that color influences us on a subconscious level, from the moods we experience to the desires we crave.  When it comes to the power of color, we are believers. So, join us as we... Read More »

January 20, 2021

 Wall Tile Reimagined for a New Year

At the start of each new year, goals are set on both professional and personal fronts for many of us. We don’t typically use the term “resolution.” We prefer using the word “goal” because goals are how we measure our success as a brand each and every year.  While we certainly have the bar raised... Read More »

December 28, 2020

Why You Should Consider Porcelain Countertops 

Elements of interior design go through phases just like any other industry. There are trends that last a few years and others that span decades. Porcelain, as a material, withstands the tests of time by being reimagined through different, unconventional applications. Traditionally, and in our experience, porcelain would be mainly associated with flooring. However, due... Read More »

December 11, 2020

Color’s Impact on Commercial Interior Design

If you think about it, design is everywhere. From the spaces we frequent to the daily necessities we use, there is nothing that we experience that wasn’t designed in some way, shape, or form. Not surprisingly, color plays a vital role in interior design. Beyond that, color is something that very few clients have a... Read More »