Color’s Impact on Commercial Interior Design

December 11, 2020

If you think about it, design is everywhere. From the spaces we frequent to the daily necessities we use, there is nothing that we experience that wasn’t designed in some way, shape, or form. Not surprisingly, color plays a vital role in interior design. Beyond that, color is something that very few clients have a slew of confidence in deciding on themselves. We want to help bridge that gap in confidence and understanding by digging deeper into the role and power of color.

The use of color in a space can enhance experiences and alter moods. Now, that’s power. Let’s not forget to be mindful of the fact that the success of a space doesn’t rest solely on the chosen color scheme, but on the context in which it is applied. Interior design, in its best form, needs to make sense. It needs to understand its function with ease and facilitate that function with a quiet seamlessness. Color plays a large role in accomplishing this seemingly daunting task. 

For example, if a commercial setting is known to be a place of stress or tension, there’s a color (or colors) to counteract that negativity. Blues and greens are associated with calmness, relaxation, and trust. Using these color(s) wisely throughout the space brings balance and an overall sense of peace.

Another example is if a commercial project calls for an energy enhancer or excitement booster. Colors like red and orange are proven to be great options if a sense of vigor is the goal. Ever notice how ads that read “SALE!” are usually in or surrounded by the color red? The power of color is absolutely the reason why.

As we explore the power of each color, we wanted to offer some top quality product suggestions. Let’s get to it!

Blue, green

Blue, which is the most popular color of choice for all genders, is known for its universal nature. Reliability and credibility are affiliated with it as well. Green can bring similar emotions while also representing growth and balance. In the proper context, these popular picks can be used together or on their own to make a memorable impact.

Red, yellow

High energy, excitement, and enthusiasm – those are all relatable feelings when it comes to these colors. While red is great for hospitality and retail projects, yellow is often used in medical settings to bring a sense of hope.  

Black, white

Associated with elegance and sophistication, both black and white can bring this kind of feel to a space. Adding black, white, or both can instantly stylize a project while taking the class level up a notch. Used alone or together, these two are the definition of fresh, clean, and stylish. 

Brown, grey

Naturally seen as upscale, brown and grey lend their subtleness to projects that seek a luxurious yet laid back appeal. Brown can bring a sense of stability to a space  while grey can be used in a lot of professional settings. The lack of “color” in these colors is precisely what makes them effective! They neutralize and ground entire projects.

If you are considering utilizing the power of color for your next project, let us be your guide! Connect with us today so we can start moving the right direction.