For Renegades Only: Thru Colored Rectified Porcelain Tile

February 13, 2019


What do you get when you take a single shade of color and add 24 different textures to it? We’ll tell you what: thru colored rectified porcelain tile with infinite possibilities! These tiles are for rebels without a cause; and the cause is the need to think, create, and design outside of the box.

Bursting at the grout with possibilities, this product line offers three color options, two finish options, and six size options! Crafted in Italy, these refreshingly stunning renditions of traditional porcelain tile are equipped to supplement a from-scratch build or to boost a renovation.

When you select this product, you’ll be saying “yes” to going big and “no” to playing it safe. This thru colored rectified porcelain tile is not for a faint of heart. No, in fact, it is for the complete opposite. It is for the designer who wants to push boundaries and consistently set new standards of great design.

These beautiful porcelain tiles are functional across the industry, whether it’s commercial, residential, or a multi-family housing project. Aside from their flexibility to fit any number of project demands, this thru colored rectified porcelain tile demands respect without saying a word. The proof is in the pudding, so we’ll stop talking now and let the tile do it for us…