Imperfectly Perfect Tile Designs to Inspire

July 25, 2019

The wonderful thing about tile design is that it’s kind of like love. There really is somebody, or in this case some style, for everybody. Different tile products are called to meet different demands in different applications. That ever-evolving, always-moving dynamic is what makes the industry so addicting to tile nerds like us!

We went ultra patriotic for July’s mood board (because: Independence Day) with beautiful styles that aren’t completely perfect. And, truthfully, we’re fans of the perfectly imperfect. 

For instance, this ceramic wall tile product might seem imperfect with its variety of patterns up close. But, once it’s placed into a well-thought-out design, it is absolutely stunning. 

Another cool thing about this ceramic wall tile (aside from its beauty) is the aesthetic flexibility it offers, compared to flooring tiles. Because of its location in a space, ceramic wall tile can have extra embellishments that make it both unique and brilliant. This ceramic wall tile from Italy is available in 11 solid color options and four different [imperfectly perfect] patterned designs. 

Moving on, if we’re going to cover wall tile products, then we most certainly have to cover some flooring options as well. So, we selected this thru color rectified porcelain tile from Italy. It’s important to note that this tile is utilized in wall tile designs as well, offering double the fun.


This gorgeous tile line is available in three solid color options and six patterned options. Based on the focus of this blog (imperfectly perfect tile designs), the patterned tiles each have such a unique and raw appeal that they cultivate originality wherever they are installed. 

The solid color tile designs are a perfect staple for spaces that have walls with bold patterns or lighting. And, on the flip side, the patterned tile designs can boost the decor of an otherwise bland or minimalistic space.

Need more information on either or both of these product lines? Let’s talk tile!