Interior Design Inspiration for Urban Living

May 12, 2021

Populations are growing and there’s no slowing down in sight. The World Bank estimates that the total urban population will double within the next 30 years. Although growth brings innovation and new technology to the forefront, there are some other progressions to consider. Housing, especially in the multi-family sector, will see a massive increase as urban populations continue to multiply.

With the reality of urban growth in focus, it is clear that commercial interior designers need low-cost, high quality products to work with. It’s a dream for most designers to attain the feel of luxury without breaking their budget boundaries. Fortunately, that dream is finally within reach.

Let’s get creative with these budget friendly, beautiful surface solutions.

Wall tile

Enhance spaces with wall tile, whether it’s decorative or throughout. Mosaic and ceramic wall coverings are amazing ways to add character to spaces. Browse hundreds of different products to find inspiration for your project. The perfect wall tile is just waiting to be discovered.

Floor tile

From concrete styles to wood looks, flooring that inspires class is both timeless and stunning. Making a statement with flooring has never been easier for commercial interior designers. There are ample styles, colors, and patterns to review in order to get to the next phase of a project.

Complementing details

Never underestimate the power that’s in the details. Sculpted rubber wall base products are the perfect finishing touch for commercial projects. Aside from being low cost, there are a multitude of colors to support any style.

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