Introducing a Budget Friendly Terrazzo

March 12, 2021


We’ve always worn our love for terrazzo flooring on our sleeves. Timeless style is just one of the many reasons we recommend it to commercial interior designers. Its durability and functionality are other top contenders for terrazzo’s best quality. That’s not to mention the 300+ percent increase in Internet searches for “terrazzo” that speaks to the product’s appeal and overall likeability. All that aside, pure terrazzo flooring is pricey. It’s not a product that fits into every commercial project’s budget. 

But, what if there is a way to achieve the style of terrazzo flooring without the bank-busting price point? What if we told you about a beautiful, new product that is both quality and cost-effective? Good news: we’ve got you covered. 

The color combinations and chunky aggregates of this new product make it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what’s terrazzo and what’s not. 

Budget-friendly poured terrazzo alternative

Available in resin and cement, this new product is offered in a number of styles. Choose from small or large flakes and from a polished or natural finish. Another big win for this product is that it comes in 20 different colorful options ranging from neutral to bold. This terrazzo can be used for floors and countertops, but it can also be used to make furniture. It can also be customized to fit into the design of any project, whether it’s commercial or residential. 

Other products from the mood board

In addition to the new terrazzo product above, our mood board features a number of products to consider for commercial use. Dive deeper into any of these quality tile products, featured in the mood board, by clicking or tapping on the links provided.



Want to pack personality into a project? This ceramic wall tile is a favorite among our collaborators. There are 10 color options as well as two finishes to choose from. For those who enjoy keeping it simple, this product limits decision-making by being offered in a single size (4” x 8”). 



This mosaic tile is known for bringing out creativity in commercial projects. Work with our style experts to discover the best way for this glass mosaic to fit into your project. It is available in four colors and can be mixed and matched to create mind-pleasing designs.



This ceramic wall tile takes the classic feel of subway tile to the next level with a slew of design options to choose from. Browse 8 different colors, two finishes, and a whopping 12 sizes to find the right fit. 

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