Is Ceramic Tile a Good Choice?

November 20, 2018

Naturally speaking, ceramic tile is just about as real as it gets. Although different styles call for different methods of production, ceramic tile products all start in the same place: the earth. Give or take, depending on the process of preference, these types of tiles are a combination of clay, water, sand, feldspar, and quartz.

Perhaps one of the longest-standing floor/wall designs in the world, ceramic tile dates back to the Bronze Age when Egyptian kings were the first known consumers for the product. Now, it is safe to say that the demand has stayed steady while the supply makes ceramic tile available to more consumers beyond the kings.

But, even though it’s a popular product, is ceramic tile a good choice for your project?

Let’s dig a little deeper into the nature of ceramic tiles.

Hypoallergenic options

Since one in every five people suffers from some form of allergies, it is important to note the hypoallergenic properties of certain ceramic tile. As a water resistant product, this kind of tile won’t harbor moisture that typically creates mold. And, with its easy-to-clean surface, dust is just a dry sweep, or wipe, away.

Easy maintenance

Back to the easy-to-clean part, we go! Cleaning ceramic tiles is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. A quick sweeping or wiping of the surface will keep it tidy during the in-between cleans. For a deeper, less often cleaning, a basic mopping after sweeping will do the trick! Ceramic tiles are also stain resistant, so impeccable floors or walls are finally within reach.

Timeless longevity

Remember the fact about Egyptian kings being the first consumers to utilize these kinds of tile products? In some areas, the tile is still intact, and beautiful. If it can sustain through history, it can certainly sustain a commercial or residential space in the modern world!

Fire resistant

With the way ceramic tiles are made, they are borderline impenetrable to fire. This is a good thing to note, especially for commercial projects, when the potential for fire hazards are under the microscope.

Inspirational additions

Aesthetically speaking, the right ceramic tiles for a project can breed inspiration and relaxation. A great interior designers will maximize the potential of using ceramic tiles by matching the product to the needs of the space.

In addition to all of these pros, let’s not forget to mention the wide array of styles that designers can browse. Combinations are endless with the vast number of colors, sizes, and patterns on the market.

The tile industry boasts ceramic products that look and feel like wood, stone, or even fabric! This reality has interior designers everywhere whispering to themselves: “what a time to be alive.”

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