Marble Look Tile, Endless Design Possibilities

April 21, 2021

Although the use of marble goes way back, its trendiness as a mainstream go-to is still fairly fresh. From graphic design and fashion to interior design and marketing, it is clear that the popularity of marble won’t be short lived. Because of its longstanding association with luxury, marble look promises to become a long-term staple for interior designers to lean on. 

What makes marble so sought after? Well, first, let’s talk about where it comes from and how it has been used throughout history. Once you understand these things, the draw towards marble look tile makes complete sense. 

First, let’s go over the fascinating facts behind marble’s existence. Far beneath the earth’s surface, sedimentary pieces of earth become one with plants that have been buried. Over substantial time periods, the material morphs into marble stone because of extreme pressure and heat from the earth’s core. The colors and veins that appear in marble are natural and perfectly imperfect. Who doesn’t love a design that looks intentional but is actually just beautifully random?

Now, let’s revisit world history class. Marble, introduced by the Greeks and Romans, has always been affiliated with a high social standing. Even in recent history, marble was reserved for large structures and luxurious spaces. This was all due to limited technology and transportation essentials. Fast forward to now and marble is more accessible than ever, especially with the evolution of marble look products!

If marble look tiles inspire you, then these are surface solutions you need to know about.

Finding the best marble look tile

To achieve the sophistication of marble but with a realistic budget, this porcelain tile is a cut above the rest. When used well, it can blur the lines between modern, contemporary, luxury, and rustic. But, above all, it stays true to the nature of marble: classic. There are five colors to choose from and two finish options. What’s more is that it is available in large format, which is extremely rare for a product like this. Perhaps, most importantly, this product is made in America!

Accenting with subtle shapes

These quirky yet effective ceramic wall tiles are a great option to consider for accenting marble look flooring. In addition to the geometric shapes there are solid tiles to choose from as well. This is a great product to pair marble looks with because of its simplicity. It brings enough style to finish the job, but not too much as to take away from the marble itself.

Tying in pops of color

If you need a product to accompany a marble look, this thru color rectified porcelain tile is one to consider. Although at first glance it resembles marble, it’s really more of a work of art. With more distinct, bold veins than traditional marble, this product is among the most vibrant of options. It is available in five colors and five size options, including large format. 

There are many ways to blend the modern style of marble into an interior design project. Whether the marble look product is the main feature or just a supplement, it can be impactful either way. When it comes to being an accent: never underestimate the power of placement! The details are just as important as the overall plan.

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