Modern Design: Kitchen Backsplash

September 24, 2018

Picking the right kitchen backsplash is just as important as picking the right kitchen counter, the right appliances, and the right flooring. From a design standpoint, it’s all relative.

The two biggest factors in determining which backsplash makes the most sense for a kitchen design project are style and functionality. Style matters because it makes the space flow visually. And, functionality matters because it makes the space flow mechanically.

For example, in a high splash/mess area like the kitchen counter, the kitchen backsplash needs to have similar elements: easy to clean, sturdy, and of course, ridiculously good looking.

If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, let’s dive into some kitchen tile options that might be the right fit for a perfect backsplash.

Gorgeous and simple

This ceramic wall tile hails from Italy and comes in seven, beautiful color options. This product makes a solid argument for a kitchen backsplash choice because of its versatile style and its easy-to-clean nature.

Stylish at any size

This collection mimics a chain link fence. Talk about creative! Designers can choose from multiple variations, depending on color preference and how large or small they want the design to appear on the ceramic tile. It is a great candidate for a kitchen backsplash because it is easy to clean and always looks fresh.

Subway style reimagined

We picked this product because of its versatility and beauty, The product line offers two different shapes and six different colors, ranging from white or gray to aqua or beige. There is also the ability to style this design using the size of the tile and not just the look of it, making it a tile that can fit any space.

Neutral to fit any space

For those in search of a neutral option, look no further. The color options for this product include hues of green, brown, gray, and tan. Like all of our top kitchen backsplash picks, this glass mosaic tile is easy to clean and promises to be a gorgeous accent to any kitchen design.

Wall Tile Collection

The Wall Tile collection packs a serious punch of color. There is undoubtedly a hue for every style within this particular set of tiles, which is just one of the reasons we love it. We’re also big fans of the fact that it is easy to maintain because it is ceramic. As one of our veteran products, Wall Tile has been continually updated so that designers get the most up to date, modern picks for formats and finishes.