Outdoor Flooring Trends and Inspirations

January 29, 2018

Summertime and the living is easy, or so the song goes. And what better way can there be to spend a summer afternoon than lounging on your patio, sipping something cool and enjoying your surroundings?

‘Outdoor living’ has become more and more popular over the last decade or so. Why fight the crowds at the hottest new restaurant or bar if you can enjoy similar culinary delights at home in your own outdoor living space? Or head to a community pool when you have a private tranquil watery oasis in your own back garden?

All of this and more can be achieved with a little time, effort, imagination and the help of the great outdoor flooring solutions offered by Trinity Tile.

Outdoor Flooring Trends

While Trinty Tile’s outdoor flooring solutions lend themselves perfectly to almost any application you desire, there are some projects that are particularly popular at the moment. Here’s a look at just some of them.

The Garden Pool

Taking a dip in your own outdoor living space is not only relaxing and perhaps slightly decadent but the pool itself adds both aesthetic appeal and perceived value to the property.

In terms of flooring, The Buxstone collection, inspired by Buxy, a stone from Burgundy, is ideal for these kinds of projects if you are looking for a modern, contemporary look. It’s attractive, sleek and durable and boasts a slightly slippery sheen that is ideal for poolside environments. The antique option, which is available in 9 mm or 20 mm thicknesses, is a particularly good choice.

For those seeking to create a greener, more in tune with nature pool space the Bioarch collection, inspired by Bargiolina, a natural quartz from Piedmont with delicate yellow and grey nuances, blends seamlessly with Mother Nature’s decor while also still standing out in its own right.

The Spa at Home

The wellness trend has perhaps never been more popular than it is right now, and the desire and demand for ‘home spa’ spaces is growing all the time. Massage areas, waterfalls, zen gardens and more characterize these spaces and they are the ideal setting for a flooring solution like Cross Wood, a faux wood ceramic product, with compositions and contrasts in colors that are completely unique and create a warm and relaxing vibe perfect for these ‘healthy spaces’

The Outdoor Dining Space

Alfresco dining, among friends or alone, calls for a space that is informal but elegant and a flooring solution that is aesthetically pleasing but durable enough to stand up to heavier foot traffic during larger gatherings and soirees. For this kind of space, we suggest the Urbanature comes in, with its cement effect and absolute simplicity, to create the kind of metropolitan, elegant environment called for.

All of these collections and many more are offered by Trinity Tile in 20 mm thick stoneware. Guaranteed to provide the best possible technical performance these outdoor tile solutions are weather and temperature resistant, frost proof, mold resistant and retain their color beautifully, even after years of use.