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Porcelain Tile Inspiration is Here 

January 9, 2020

A new year means new products to keep the tile and interior design industries on their toes! Porcelain still rules a major portion of the market, which is why all three of the product launches that are featured in this blog are in the porcelain tile family. 

Before we dive into the new (and gorgeous) products, let’s review what porcelain tile is and why it continues to be such a popular pick for interior designers and builders. 

First of all, what is porcelain? Well, in a nutshell, it’s made from a dense clay that is heated at above average heat to create a more durable and less porous product. In addition to its unmatched durability, porcelain tile is also low maintenance and moisture resistant because of its non-porous nature. 

Truly, we could write an entire blog about the benefits that contribute to the popularity of porcelain, but we would rather show you three beautiful products that are new to Trinity Tile. 

So, let’s get to it!

Stunning porcelain wood look planks

Featuring a series of gorgeous wood grain styles, this product line is made on 8” x 48” tile planks. In its production phase, the product goes through a glazing process that adds just enough shine to make passersby ask, “is that real wood?” Made with commercial interior design in mind, these tiles are in a class all their own. We are positive that there is no other product like this in the U.S. market currently. 

Sophisticated black and white porcelain tile 

If sophistication is the design goal, then black and white tile is the solution. With this line, there will be no more separation of these two elegantly classic hues. Modern interior designers and builders deserve modern tile solutions. So, welcome to the new age: an entirely black and white collection. Built for longevity in commercial design projects, this product packs as much quality as it does beauty.

Impressive stone look porcelain tile

The vision for this new product line was founded on the memory of a world that was lost to the sea. Giving a nod to both designers and explorers throughout history, these porcelain tiles showcase thoughtfully executed details as well as old-world patterns and colors. The intentional randomization on each tile shines after installation. We recommend using this line in an array of projects, whether it’s as an accent tile or as an entire, standalone piece.