Rosy Hues: A 2020 Mood

November 13, 2019



Industry experts say that distinct shades of pink are among the top picks expected to dominate in 2020. However, we prefer to call them rosy hues.

There are many factors that go into trend forecasts for the year ahead. Things like trending styles, popular culture, and architectural advances all play a role in deciding what “the next big thing” will be. In years past, neutrals and bolder color pops have taken the cake. But, we’d be lying if we said we aren’t delighted to see this all time favorite make its way into the limelight!  

What better way to put this popular color choice to work than by pairing it with quality products? 

This gorgeous, wall tile from Italy is the perfect rosy hue addition to a neutral space. Along with its ease of maintenance and stunning results, it is a versatile option as well. Pairing this ceramic wall tile with beiges and whites can be successful, but so can pairing it with darker tones like charcoal, sage, or grey. 

Enjoy the many combinations that can be created through utilizing the 10 color options available:

Or, take make this product a standalone masterpiece, using just one of the hues and finishes. 

Now, if rosy hues aren’t your cup o’ tea, fret not. There are ways to maximize the trend without having to go for a totally pink wall or accent piece. If you’re more of subtly discrete trend-lover, we found a product option that will fit almost any agenda.

In case you missed it, terrazzo tile is a classic and functional design choice that has been a go-to for centuries. It signifies prestige while also maintaining a presence of durability. Those are just a few reasons we picked this product.

This thru body porcelain tile comes in eight color options:

The beige, earth, and ivory all have discrete but distinct rose-like accents that are sure to bring out every interior designer’s inner trendsetter. Whether it’s proposing an accent wall to accentuate the rosy hues or adding furnishings that will do the trick, these beautiful porcelain tiles show great promise for 2020 and beyond.