How to Choose the Width of Grout Lines

How to Choose the Width of Grout Lines

As insignificant as they may seem at first the grout lines between tiles are a crucial aspect of both the technical performance and the aesthetic appeal of any tiled floor. This means that the size of the grout lines used is a far more important decision than many realize.

What is a Grout Line?

Simply put, a grout line is a distance that separates one tile another and is filled with grout that helps hold the flooring in place. This grout can be any color you desire, although neutral colors are usually the most popular.

Even though there have been huge advances in tile technology, grout lines are still a must. Modern tiles that boast rectified edges, meaning that their edges are perfectly straight, can be laid with far narrower grout lines, creating an almost seamless, continuous effect. But the grout lines still have to be there.


Choosing the Right Grout Width for Your Flooring

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the grout width for any flooring project. The most important include all the following:

Specific advice about grout width for use with your unique project and tiling choice can be obtained from our catalogues or from a Trinity Tile representative