Stunning Surface Solutions Inspired by Traditional & Modern Design

September 30, 2020

Having the ability to ignite a sense of nostalgia while also having a distinct, modern vibe is no easy feat. Fortunately, thanks to technological advances and talented tile creators, there is more than one product we recommend that can satisfy both palates. 

Before we get to the highlight reel (aka, stunning surface solutions), let’s talk a little bit more about how this style is even achievable. After all, one might raise the doubt that successfully connecting two, distinguished eras of design with cohesion, is probably out of reach. It’s a valid thought, but we know firsthand that where there’s an idea, there’s a way to bring it to life. 

To connect these dots, we encourage you to put aside the differences of these two interior design approaches and instead focus on what they have in common. For instance, traditional style is typically bolder with a lot more happening within the design. However, traditional style also favors order like modern style favors clean lines. And, like traditional style, modern design likes neutrals and even different blacks. Another commonality is the warm, homey feelings that both interior design approaches bring to the table. 

So, now that we’ve debunked the idea that you can’t have your traditional style and enjoy some modern, too- let’s move on to the products to prove it. 

Thru color rectified porcelain tile

This product brings the appeal of beautiful, clean concrete with durability to suit either residential or commercial projects. Its simplicity is an ode to modern design while the way it is used can shift its style to being more classic. In addition to its durability and functionality, this porcelain tile is available in eight different colors. For a refined yet organic tone, this is undoubtedly the product to consider. 

Ceramic wall tile

Derived from the sprawling arches of Victorian train stations, this ceramic wall tile juggles the ties to modern and traditional perfectly. The glazed roofs of train stations inspired the creation of this product, making it a vibrant and desirable option. There are five color options and two finishes to choose from. 

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