Tile Teaser: Gemstone and Porcelain Works of Art

February 14, 2020

Coming soon to Trinity Tile are works of art disguised as flooring and wall tiles! To keep the cat in the bag, we’re going to hint at what is to come without giving away the collection entirely. We can’t say exactly when we will be releasing these new products, but we can say that we are ecstatic to be bringing in such quality and craftsmanship to the Trinity Tile product lineup!

It is no secret that we are major enthusiasts of stone products as well as porcelain products. These popular picks are go-tos because of their renowned durability, visual appeal, and functionality.

Let’s dive deeper into these new products that will be coming soon to Trinity Tile!

To start, let’s talk gemstones. 

This product is well known for its natural streaks of white and gold randomly and perfectly woven throughout the stone. Utilized by early Egyptians, the stone that this product is cut from is unmatched in both durability and beauty.

The product will be offered in rectified, polished, and matte in addition to having five color options! What’s more? Trim pieces and a mosaic array will be available for accenting. 

Two words that are used to describe this new product are “historical” and “fresh.”

Now, on to the porcelain tile.

These porcelain tiles are the perfect addition to build a space that is playful and functional. With colors and designs to boot, interior designers and builders can let their creative sides shine. This product can be used as a wall covering or a flooring solution.

We are calling this one “porcelain tile with soul.”