Tile x Color Pops =  Vibrant, Fun Solutions

June 16, 2020


The power of color psychology in interior design is acknowledged the world over as being one of the most impactful ways to supplement a space. There are a number of ways that color can be incorporated into a project. Whether it’s intended to make a room feel more spacious or used to enhance a dining experience, a small pop of color can make a big difference. 

And while some pros are vocal about staying neutral when it comes to adding pops of color, others embrace the practice whole-heartedly. Now, there are certainly different levels of intensity when it comes to the use of color in interior design. You see, it isn’t necessary to splatter pastels or neons all around a space in order to maximize a color pop. No, in fact, it’s much simpler than that.

To facilitate this conversation further, we are thrilled to highlight two products that are go-tos for interior designers seeking a pop of color. They’re bold, beautiful, and made with high quality craftsmanship. 

Let’s get to it!

South American ceramic wall tile

Wall tile is one of the renowned technological advances sweeping the interior design industry. This product boasts color options with a rich history and deep meaning. Resembling the favorite English brick, this product is molded by hand before being transformed through painting. Because of its durability, this product is the perfect addition for commercial design projects. Its versatility makes it a candidate for most uses, including but not limited to bathrooms, living spaces, bedrooms, and more.

Italian porcelain tile

Italian craftsmanship is difficult to compare to. With centuries of  paying attention to detail and minding innovative concerns, few regions withstand such tests of time. This product undoubtedly embodies that spirit. It comes in 18 color options while highlighting the pure nature of the material itself. It can be utilized as a colorful wall or floor solution. Mixing and matching of the available colors leads to modern aesthetics worthy of a magazine cover. No matter what space this product supplements, it takes it to the next level every time.

How to select the best tile 

For those who are new to the color pop game, have no fear. Remember, experts were once beginners too! Diving into the world of color usage in interior design can be as daunting as it is exciting. After all, the market is saturated with options and brands. How can you know what the best option is for your project? At Trinity Tile, we go a step further than most major tile manufacturers. Not only will we steer you in the right direction, we’ll help you every step of the way with industry knowledge to boot as well as unyielding support. Let’s connect today!