Timeless Tile Brings Calmness and Neutrality

April 10, 2020

Gray and blue hues could not be more welcomed [or relevant] during the strange times we are all currently in. These colors have long since been connected to feelings of calmness, neutrality, and serenity. As industry leaders, we are consistently proud to share our knowledge on all things tile and surface design. And, that includes the power of color. For example, did you know that 84.7 percent of consumers say that color is the primary reason they choose a particular product?

For interior design color psychology, most hues can be divided into two groups: warm and cool. Clear as the words suggest, warm hues are reds, oranges, and yellows while cool ones include blues, grays, and purples. Warmer colors ignite a more energetic response from the human brain while cooler colors prompt calmness and harmony.

Another important tidbit on interior design color psychology is the effect that the brightness of the color can have. It’s not just about the color itself. Darker tones bring forth a more “closed in” feeling than brighter ones, which opposingly make a space feel bigger.

Armed with the facts above, consider the success in color psychology the following products have on the spaces they help create. On one hand, we’ll browse a gorgeous collection of rectified thru color porcelain tile. On the other hand, we’ll take in beautiful ceramic tiles crafted in South America. 

Let’s have a look at these stunning tile selections, shall we?

Rectified thru color porcelain tile

This product showcases the power of amazing grays. A variety of calming hues to choose from is not the only benefit of utilizing this collection. Added bonuses are the three finishes that the product is offered in: wood, fabrique, and leather. 

The tile itself is made in Italy and provides subtle details that have a vital impact on the end result. To put it simply, this product embodies all that is quintessential interior design.

Ceramic tile

This product, hailing from the finest of South American craftsmanship, can be summed up with three C’s: ceramic, cool, and classy. Its ability to add serenity with beautiful shades of blue is complemented by prints that can be arranged in a variety of ways to fit whatever space it supplements.

For interior designers who think outside of the box, this is a ceramic tile that blends abstract patterns from tribal history with the class of modern design.