Wall Tile Reimagined for a New Year

January 20, 2021

At the start of each new year, goals are set on both professional and personal fronts for many of us. We don’t typically use the term “resolution.” We prefer using the word “goal” because goals are how we measure our success as a brand each and every year. 

While we certainly have the bar raised high for our team, we also put an exceptional amount of effort into defining client-focused goals. Whether it’s around the clock support or ongoing consultations, we are always trying to find new ways to pair the right products with each client. 

And so, as more attention gets drawn toward wall tile, we are making it our 2021 mission to offer two things to our valuable network of collaborators: 

  1. exclusive knowledge and insight to interior designers from our years of unparalleled experience 
  2. as many quality, wall tile products as we can to our valuable network of collaborators.

Since pretty much any floor tile can be used as a wall tile, we are sharing two of our top picks for wall-only tile as well as a porcelain tile that can be used for wall and floor solutions. 

Let’s explore.

Glossy, porcelain wall tile

Naturally unique, this porcelain wall tile boasts a perfectly imperfect surface with different colors and patterns to choose from. Complete with neutral and bold options, this product shows promise to interior designers of all backgrounds and specialties. The added bonus is that this wall tile is fit to boost projects of all kinds, whether it’s commercial or residential. 

Vibrant, ceramic wall tile

Think European. Picture elegance. Channel class. Inspired by London, this ceramic wall tile is the result of vibrant scenery and cosmopolitan culture. Its glazed and iron look are influenced by the gorgeous Victorian train stations that can be seen in and around London. Tying together modern style and traditional design, this wall tile is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Beautiful, porcelain wall and floor tile

With a small ode to the classic terrazzo, this porcelain wall and floor tile is as durable as it is beautiful. Bits of marble, glass, and other fragments are randomly speckled throughout each slab. This makes the product undeniably exclusive and truly one of one. Suitable as both  a floor and wall covering, this porcelain tile brings all the power of durability as well as dynamic beauty and functionality.

With more reasons than not to consider using wall tile, the time to embrace the trend is right now. Let’s talk today about wall tile and your next project. Contact us directly: 866-774-3390.