Wall Tile That Goes Beyond the Backsplash

February 26, 2020

Wall tile, love it or leave it, is constantly growing in popularity. At trade shows and in studio galleries around the country, wall tile has been blowing the minds of experts like Design Milk since Coverings 2018. The vast number of options in wall tile products can be daunting, however. 

Although backsplash design is a favorite area of focus for some interior designers, it is far from being the sole purpose for wall tile. These days, wall tile products can be used for just about anything the creative mind can think up. From accent walls to headboards to entire commercial spaces, it is clear from the demand that these kinds of tiles aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Before you purchase any kind of wall tile, it is important to know the differences between wall and floor products. To keep it simple, the tiles we feature here are all suitable for our focus today: wall coverings. 

Let’s dive in.

Tile for headboards and beyond

This porcelain tile is optimized and crafted specifically with wall surfaces in mind. It is described best as a high glossy, elegant product.  From headboards to standalone pieces of artwork, this product can be utilized in a variety of ways. With classic appeal and a modern twist, this product is a timeless addition to any space. 

Accent wall tiles to boot

Tiny alterations in each one of these tile designs offer different spins on a seemingly simple product lineup. With a closer look, it is easy to see that this ceramic wall tile is as artistically sound as it is well-made. As an accent wall covering, this product is both beautiful and versatile. 

XL tile for XL projects

That’s amore! Hailing from Italy, this laminated porcelain wall tile product comes in large format panels. It is offered in five different colors, each with its own unique influence. After installation, the end result  is comparable to a gorgeous concrete finish. From retail and commercial spaces to luxury residentail properties, this tile can go the distance.    

Best tile for backsplash

Of course, tile that is suitable for wall surfaces will always have a place in the world of backsplash design! With that being said, this wall covering is a sincere favorite among interior designers and builders. It is so popular that there have been updates on formats and finishes so that it can be utilized even more. Offered in 23 different colors, this tile is a quality choice for any commercial or residential project.