Why You Should Consider Porcelain Countertops 

December 28, 2020

Elements of interior design go through phases just like any other industry. There are trends that last a few years and others that span decades. Porcelain, as a material, withstands the tests of time by being reimagined through different, unconventional applications.

Traditionally, and in our experience, porcelain would be mainly associated with flooring. However, due to its impervious nature and reliability, it makes total sense that it can take on other forms and uses.

Now, let’s talk about countertops. Typically, countertops and porcelain aren’t thought of as a dynamic duo. The oldest countertops on record show that stone and wood were the primary materials used. Fast forward and throw in some technological advances. From there you’ll find a variety of other materials being used for countertops, like concrete, glass, and tile.

Combine the two worlds of porcelain and countertops, and you’ll see that they are a match made in [interior design] heaven. Porcelain is extremely durable and resists most forms of damage. It is also made in a plethora of options that can be styled to complement any space.

We are proud to adopt an innovative way of thinking that takes what is known and flips it to what is possible. Not only do we offer porcelain countertop products that will transform and enhance spaces, but we also have coordinating field tiles available. 

These porcelain products are our go-to for designing gorgeous, porcelain countertops. Here’s why:

Easy to maintain

These porcelain products are constructed with 100% natural material, which makes them impervious to bacteria and germs. In addition, they are completely hygienic and stain, scratch, and etch resistant. These products are resistant to high temperatures and atmospheric stress. They are desirably easy to clean and maintain!

Extremely versatile

Since these products are available in 2cm thickness for countertops, there are coordinating 6mm for floors, walls, and cladding available. The large sizes limit grout lines, which leads to endless design possibilities. These products are perfect for interior and exterior countertops, walls, and facade applications. This comes with a great opportunity for indoor-outdoor living space continuity.

Simple installation, perfect style

With the new 2cm thickness, these products cut as easily as engineered quartz or granite. Installation is seamless and simple. There are 14 color options and two finishes to create with. Truly, the options are endless when you choose to use these porcelain countertop products!

We’re here whenever you’re ready to get in touch about adding porcelain countertops to your tool shed: 866-774-3390.