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Wood Look Tile is All the Decor You Need

August 19, 2019


If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that all tiles are not created equal. Right now, wood look tile is taking that statement and giving it a whole new meaning. Some industry experts are even considering it to be one of the premier tile design choices of the year. The hashtag #WoodLook has nearly 20,000 hits on Instagram alone! 

It’s no shock to us that wood look tile is becoming so popular. Just browsing the visuals of what it can add to a space are enough to convince any interior designer or builder that it’s a strong candidate to consider. 

So, let’s explore one of our favorite wood look tile products, shall we?




All the decor you need

For us, this particular wood look tile is mesmerizing because of how authentic it looks. With the added durability of a porcelain material, this product unites the best of both worlds: longevity and timeless beauty. An added bonus to this tile is the attention to detail. If you look closely, you’ll see that each piece is individually textured to add even more of a raw appeal. Truly, the tile is so beautiful on its own, other decorative design elements need not apply! 

Take your pick

Interior designers can rest assured that the proper hue can be found within this collection. Color options, as seen above,  include three stunning variations of this porcelain wood look tile: ash, burned, and carbon. Beyond the color options, designers and builders can experiment with a slew of different size varieties. Here are the available sizes to choose from:

Why porcelain

This product hails from Italy and comes from a high quality craftsmanship that we really believe in. Porcelain tile has many benefits to offer, but let’s focus on some of the most notable ones:

Want to talk more about this collection or porcelain tile? Or maybe you have questions about a project you’re working on. Whatever your tile needs are, we can help! Connect with us today!