External Thermal Insulation Systems

External Thermal Insulation Systems

An external thermal insulation system is a specialist layer that is designed to insulate a structure’s exterior cladding and increase the building’s thermal efficiency overall.

These thermal insulations maintain the temperature of perimeter walls at milder values, generating an active thermal mass that boosts the building’s thermal inertia. This reduces heat dispersion while helping to ensure optimal wall performance no matter what the season.In more basic terms, this means a reduced need to overuse air-conditioning in the summer and in the winter heat is more evenly dispersed and retained, cutting down on cold weather energy costs significantly.

Porcelain tiles are the perfect solution for creating efficient, but elegant external thermal insulation systems.

If you are interested in using an external thermal insulation system, please contact us for a specialized consultation.

The Benefits of Porcelain tile External Thermal Insulation Systems