4 Misconceptions About Large Format Panels

November 20, 2018

Let’s talk about large format panels for a moment, shall we? There’s a serious buzz sounding off over this kind of product. So, as your friendly, neighborhood tile experts, we wanted to debunk some of the most common myths about large format panels.

To get started, let’s clarify what makes tile fall into this category. Traditionally, anything over 12” x 12” would be considered a large format product. But, as more designers embrace larger panels, the numbers could shift [eventually]. For now, let’s just stick with what we know: anything over 12” x 12” is what we’re talking about here.

With technological advances and more outlets for purchasing opportunities popping up, we know firsthand the value of being honest and transparent about product information.

That being said, let’s dive deeper into the misconceptions about large format panels.

Misconception #1: “The grout lines are terrible.”

In reality: Grout is sometimes seen as a nuisance or an unwanted eyesore for designers. These days, however, grout lines are becoming more of a welcomed accent than something to be afraid of. Beyond that, the grout is not just a part of the design, but a part of the function. Grout is what allows large format tiles to move (ever so slightly) to avoid breaks.

Misconception #2: “Large format panels are more fragile and therefore, more likely to crack.”

In reality: With proper installation, tiles that are larger in size are no more likely to crack than their smaller relatives. You see, the risk of error with large format isn’t in the tile itself, but in who is installing it.

Misconception #3: “It’s a trend that won’t last.”

In reality: Truthfully, no one can really predict what is going “to last” and what isn’t. We don’t know the longevity of most products, especially if they’re considered to be “trending.” We do know that these larger tiles are breaking ground on some amazing, innovative designs. This kind of newfound success could be the mark of something that will be around a lot longer than anyone expected.

Misconception #4: “Large format panels are more expensive.”

In reality: Like most myths about cost, the idea that bigger tile automatically means there’s a bigger price tag is totally false. There are always options when it comes to budgets, whether you’re cutting back in certain places or completely nixing a chunk of the original design. There are undoubtedly affordable options for large format panels.

Now that we’ve got those misconceptions out of the way, let’s get better acquainted with some large format products. All of these beauties can be explored further, just click on the image of the product you want to learn more about!

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