Polished Marble Finishes For Classic Style

November 13, 2020

Let’s talk about marble for a moment. Interior designers throughout the industry agree that it is a beautiful, classic option. For those seeking personality and sophistication in a product, marble is the way to go. There is an undeniable charisma that marble brings to a space. It’s stylish, but not overbearing. It’s opulent, but can also be relaxed. 

For centuries marble has been used for large spaces, both public and private. But now, there’s a refreshed attraction to the style from homeowners and contractors. Maybe it’s because it can be easily cleaned or it might be because marble increases the value of a space. We probably won’t ever know the surefire answer, but we can appreciate the speculation about why marble is such a commodity nowadays. After all, there are more reasons than not to love it!

With marble on the brain, we are sharing one of our favorite products that showcase the gorgeous veins and fine lines found in marble finishes. The product is offered in six, different shades. The hues are neutral by nature, making each selection a perfect fit for a project. 

Truth be told, there’s no wrong way to marble. From contemporary styles to modern designs, this product can be combined with so many others successfully. Paired with solids, the product can easily become a conversation piece. When combined with other colors in a marble style, the product is a great partner. 

Take a look and see for yourself.

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