Terrazzo: Don’t Call It a Comeback

October 13, 2020



Some interior design professionals might say things like “terrazzo is back.” But, let us pose this question: is it really a comeback if it never left? Sure, the honeymoon of the total terrazzo takeover ended in the 1930s. However, it has been consistently useful to interior designers, regardless of its mainstream popularity. And, like all iconic styles, its recent resurfacing as a “trend” is no surprise.

Decorators, interior designers, and DIY enthusiasts make up the 316 percent increase in searches for the term “terrazzo” via search engines just a few years back. That data led Pinterest to forecast a massive demand for the style in the coming years. Numbers don’t lie, and the forecast was spot on. In 2018 alone, the sale of terrazzo styles skyrocketed as much as 50 percent! 

Combine the classic craftsmanship of terrazzo with modern technology, and you’ll find that the only limits for this style are man-made ones. In reality, there are no limits to terrazzo style. 

Let’s discover the possibilities that terrazzo looks can offer, not to mention some of the gorgeous accent tile products we suggest!

Terrazzo look porcelain

With a macro and a micro flake option, this terrazzo look product lets the interior designer take control. In addition to the terrazzo look being suitable for floors and walls, this product also comes in solid-colored wall tiles. It’s one collection with two beautiful varieties. In the terrazzo look, there are four colors to choose from and in the solid colors, there are eight!

Ceramic wall tile

Sophistication meets a rustic touch with this ceramic wall tile. This product is in a line of neutral colors with a glossy finish. It is a top choice for renovation projects ranging from bathrooms to small kitchens. 

Patterned porcelain

One of the most common combinations is terrazzo style with colorful, bold accents in the same space. This porcelain product is a great mate for terrazzo look tile. Options range from geometric patterns to bright color combos. It is suitable for both floors and walls, and it comes in six color options!

Thru color rectified porcelain

Crafted in Italy, this product is offered in five colors, two finishes, ten size options, and six deco varieties. It is also made of 40 percent recycled content! Choose this product for a clean, neutral accent.

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