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Tile with Color Pop Inspiration

May 13, 2019



We’re always advocates for a pop of color, an according to Ell Decor, we’re in great company: A room isn’t complete without leaving your own colorful mark on it.” In this case, we’d have to say “a space isn’t complete.” But, you get the picture!

Adding color to a space can not only enhance the experience of the people who visit it, but it can also drive emotions. Depending on the feeling a space is intended to evoke, the right pop of color is a simple and useful way of accomplishing it.

For instance, cool hues (like blue) are known for lowering anxiety levels and giving a sense of trust. Warmer colors (like red and orange) give the opposite effect, yielding a sense of energy and urgency. We can’t make this stuff up, it’s science-based fact!

So, now that we know how impactful a pop of color can be, let’s talk about the perfect product that can deliver it.

Unlike other thru body rectified porcelain tile options, this product comes in all of the main color hues. Beyond that, it’s possible to customize the product and use an assortment of colors as opposed to a single hue! Designers can choose from a square or tear product option to fit their project perfectly.

In addition to the benefit of multiple color options, the product also comes in either a polished or a matte finish. Again, this gives designers an edge in creating the perfect space.

As neutral aesthetics begin to reach their peak, the desire for more colorful spaces increases. This product not only gives designers the opportunity to stretch their limits creatively, but they get to do it with the assurance that the product will have longevity. We can’t think of a better combination for any project!