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DCR Finds Balance and Beauty Through HQ Design

March 27, 2019

AMB Architects utilized their options at Trinity Tile and found interior design solutions for Development Capital Resources (DCR). Based in Houston, the team at DCR had a fairly clear vision of what they wanted for their HQ space: modern design with a bit of industrial flair, and of course, a pop of color to represent the vibrancy of the company’s culture.

To achieve these interior design goals, AMB Architects found thru color recitifed porcelain tile to be the perfect match. The product is known for its modern and edgy appeal, which was a natural fit for DCR’s HQ.

AMB Architects used the breakroom and other office accents as the main opportunities to incorporate a vibrant pop of color. The 10,000 sq. ft. facility features a hybrid of modern and urban hues with concrete floors, glass walls, and marble look flooring.

AMB’s project managers, Breann Nash and Lauren Houser are the brilliant minds behind the gorgeous results.

If photos aren’t enough, here’s a video walkthrough of the space, which was completed in December of 2018.