Tile Style: Metal and Wood Look Flooring

October 14, 2019


Metal flooring might be an unexpectedly gorgeous addition to some. But, once we discovered this particular line of metal and wood look tile, we knew we were on to something iconic. Imitation tile made to look like real marble or surfaces with intentional imperfections have always been on our radar of classic styles. Now, we are predicting that metal and wood look tile will join these enduring designs for decades to come. 

Not all products are created equal, and this line of metal effect and wood look designs proves it. From quality craftsmanship to unparalleled results, the proof is in the flooring! 

Let’s get to know this collection a little bit better, shall we?

The versatility of metal

A common belief is that metal is strictly used for outdoor spaces, like metal pathways or hand railings. This product completely levels that idea and paves the way for a new belief- one that brings metal interior design elements inside. The five color options are also available with an innovative melt finish, which proves to be an awe-inspiring addition to commercial spaces. 

How modern designs shine

If we had to place a bet, we’d say that wood look surfaces will always have a superior place in the world of interior design. Like other classic materials, wood has transcended the evolution of the industry. In addition, it has solidified its place among the most beautiful details for interior designers to utilize. As modern interior style continues to skyrocket in popularity, it only makes sense for designers and builders to keep wood look (like the products in the images below) and metal surface design elements at the forefront of their game plans. 

Why industrial is the new black

As a growing trend among interior designers and builders, industrial style is a category all its own. This fact accompanies the news that minimalistic design is also on the rise. Industrial interior design embodies a bit of minimalism while supplementing beautiful, open spaces with metal and wood surfaces, like flooring and walls. Neutral tones are at the foundation of industrial interior design, so the fact that this product line offers colors like plate, steel, zinc, and iron is all the more reason to hop on board!

So, the next time there’s a question of whether or not metal or wood will do the trick, you’ll have all of the answers (and visual proof) that you need!

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