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June 20, 2023

Marble Look Porcelain Tile over True Marble Stone for Floors: A Winning Choice

When it comes to flooring options, the allure of natural marble stone is undeniable. However, in recent years, marble look porcelain tile has emerged as a game-changer in the world of interior design. As a leading provider of innovative surface solutions, Trinity Tile explores the unique advantages and remarkable benefits of choosing marble look porcelain... Read More »

May 25, 2023

Sustainable Living Starts with Tile: Creating a Safe and Healthy Environment

In today’s world, prioritizing a healthy environment has become more crucial than ever. The materials we surround ourselves with can significantly impact our well-being, making it essential to choose wisely. Ceramic tile – including porcelain tile, quarry tile, wall tile and pressed pavers – is renowned for its absence of harmful chemicals, low maintenance requirements,... Read More »

November 5, 2020

How is Porcelain Tile Made?

It is no surprise that porcelain is one of the most beloved tile materials of all time. Its durability, functionality, and multi-use nature make a strong case for being among the best of the best. Boasting luxurious appeal and shining with class, porcelain tile was originally made in China in the 15th century before finding... Read More »

May 29, 2020

Porcelain Tile and Ceramic Tile: What’s the Difference?

Both porcelain and ceramic tile are popular go-to’s for interior design professionals and builders. The list of benefits outnumbers most competing product options.  But, how can a designer or builder be sure which one is the best fit for which job? We’re here to help answer that question. Given the durable nature of both porcelain... Read More »

September 19, 2019

Classic and Sophisticated, Porcelain Marble Still Rules

The use of marble stone for architecture and design is nothing new. In fact, records indicate that builders started using it sometime around 438 BC, when The Parthenon in Greece was constructed. That’s a long time for a style to sustain, don’tcha think? It makes complete sense to us, though. The romantic and classic appeal... Read More »

July 11, 2019

Tile Tariffs Don’t Affect American-Made Products

Although there has been a lot of reportage on the recent 15 percent tariff increase for imported tile products from China, there hasn’t been much said on the fact that it doesn’t affect products made in the USA. With the tariff increase, there is certainly a loss as far as options go. That is, of... Read More »

June 7, 2019

Tile Tips: Selecting the Best Tile

Tile, tile, tile! There’s so much to talk about, yet so little time. From interior design inspiration to commercial projects and luxurious residential spaces, we could go on and on. However, we know your time is precious. So, today, let’s focus on a simple but underrated process: selecting the best tile to get the job... Read More »

February 13, 2019

For Renegades Only: Thru Colored Rectified Porcelain Tile

  What do you get when you take a single shade of color and add 24 different textures to it? We’ll tell you what: thru colored rectified porcelain tile with infinite possibilities! These tiles are for rebels without a cause; and the cause is the need to think, create, and design outside of the box.... Read More »

November 20, 2018

Is Ceramic Tile a Good Choice?

September 5, 2018

Tile Design: Lighting Design Matters